Date : 2020-09-05 09:29:23

What Things does a Hotel Guest Look for in a Hotel Room?

When you’re staying over at a hotel, there is so much we expect, apart from the basic services. It depends on the guest and the hotel room, but the main aura of hospitality can be more luxurious as well. When you enter any hotel room, whether it is for business, casual, or traveling purposes, the first impression matters. And the things that make up the first impression in your hotel room, are the view from windows (if any), cleanliness and styling of the bed and mattress, as well as the general lighting and interior designing. Of course, cleanliness is a must, but these are the things we tend to see first and foremost.

Before getting to the type of guests and their requirements, let us have a look at some of the most essential and looked after amenities in a hotel room:

1. Mattress and bed: All other things aside, any good hotel room can have its own choice of interior décor, basic and luxury amenities, lighting, among other constituent factors. However, the mattress and bed are the most important things in your hotel room. Clean, high-quality beds and mattresses make the room feel welcoming and guests prefer hygiene too. Hygiene and comfort in your high-quality mattress and bed choice should ideally be uniform, and the mattress type has a big role in this. 
Choosing the right mattress and bed for your hotel room for cleanliness, comfort, and endurance can be a tough task. However, with custom-made hotel bed mattress options, hotel memory foam mattress, or other kinds are ideal as they tend to be hypoallergenic. Moreover, the mattress and your bedding also make an integral part of the interior décor and the look of comfort in your hotel room. As the core of your hotel room, your mattress and bed have to be as sanitized, comfortable, and good looking as possible. The best way to guarantee these factors are present is to order high-quality hotel memory foam mattress, and opt to buy hotel mattress online.

2. Basic amenities: Apart from all the big picture necessities and other luxury wants and needs, basic amenities matter just as much. That is things like washroom accessories, room refreshments, mini-bar, among others. These things make up the first impression in any good hotel room, just as much as they are appealing to guests staying at your hotel. Moreover, amenities can be anything from washroom accessories, electronic charging stations, gadgets, safes, to other features that not only help the visitor with a great and secure stay but make them feel they’re sitting in luxury.

3. Décor: Interior décor is the one thing that gives your rooms the look of cleanliness, space, and most importantly makes the guests feel relaxed. An experimental décor choice like dull colors in less space makes the room look dingy depending upon its ventilation and other factors. More importantly, interior décor encompasses anything from the choice of wall colors, type of furniture, curtain color and type, room spacing, to ventilation and even bathroom décor.
Think of interior décor as the overall look of the product you are renting out to your guests. This helps make or break the reputation of any hotel, and should be similar if not exactly same as per pricing in the room choices available. As a traveler, business visit, or any other person, interior décor of any room matters and attracts more guests.

4. Shower and bathroom: Hotel room bathrooms need the most maintenance and sanitization. As a guest, if the washroom isn’t clean looking, and smelling good, it is a deal breaker. Most guests tend to check the bathroom first to assess what level of sanitization they can expect from the hotel. If a washroom isn’t sanitized and well kept, even a clean looking interior design can’t help your hotel attract guests. Even when checking hotel rooms online, it is a must to keep your bathrooms clean and sanitized so the guest can expect the same level of cleanliness in reality too. The best way to design your washrooms is to have a ventilation spot for an exhaust fan or a window which can help in passive sanitization during use.
Moreover, guests expect toiletries, hot and cold-water supply as well as proper sanitization in hotel bathrooms. In luxury hotel rooms, interior design and a general sense of open space also goes a long way. Your water supply, faucets and shower heads should be especially clean and free of any grime and moisture.

5. Services: Hotel in-room services and room service help establish a level of hospitality that hotel guests expect when staying. Your guests might need urgent business needs like a photocopy or need other services. One thing that is common with all hotel guests is they tend to dine in occasionally, and room services are expected to deliver hot and tasty food. But that is the backbone of the hospitality industry. The places that you can stand out in are urgent necessities like local guidance to tourism and services, daily room cleanliness, and even luxury services and needs.
Your hotel should have fast room service, especially when it comes to medical or food services, as a sure-shot way of keeping customers happy. Moreover, your in-room services also make up the framework of hospitality in your hotel and customers tend to leave just as many reviews about your hotel services as cleanliness. Helping your hotel guests and training staff to be as helpful as professionally possible is a great way to boost your hotel’s reputation.

6. Sound proofing: When staying out of home, and in a different city, privacy and silence matter in a shared environment like a hotel. Your rooms need to be soundproof enough to not let speakers, TV, or other noises pass through the walls or any side of the room into adjacent rooms and floors. Carpeting is a simple way to do it, but soundproof rooms are a must because your hotel guests visit and stay for different purposes and need their privacy. This also applies to the general interior design as it can be another factor to help make the room as soundproof as possible.
Moreover, soundproofing is quintessential when it comes to your bedding and mattresses. So innerspring coil mattresses may not always be the best choice depending upon your room type. The same applies to your bed, as creaking over time can not only help disturb your guests when they use it but adjacent rooms as well.

Types of travelers:
Not all travelers visit and stay for the same purpose, but one thing they do share is a respect and value for hospitality and good services. Your hotel room guests may be visiting specifically for business meeting, stopping over before moving on to the next city, or here to stay for tourism.       The point is, determining the reason for their purpose can help you create a more personalized experience for them. Business people can go for both tourism and business meetings and work as per their schedule and you can help calibrate it with your services. On the other hand, people staying over for tourism may need more guidance and you might have to ensure more maintenance and cleanliness in room services.

1. Casual Stay: Depending upon your location, city and type of hotel, most of your hotel room guests are bound to be casual stayers. That is, people staying for tourism, city stop, or family vacations and other purposes. Your hotel room guests in this case might not be too demanding in terms of the services your guests may need. They may be out touring the city and out for majority of the day. This means they expect a clean and sanitized room to relax after a day of heavy traveling and might end up dining heavy too. In these case you may expect families or groups of friends staying and sound proofing, proper bedding and mattresses are essential in making sure they have a leisurely stay.

2. Business travelers: You may get groups of people or just individuals looking to stay in your hotel room. This means more room for demands, luxury, and even several rooms booked at once. They may be touring or just here for business meetings, and Wi-Fi, clean rooms and soundproofing would be a must for these type of guests. Moreover, you are bound to expect a lot of room service (often urgent), and other demands so dedicating a staff member to each room or rooms might be a good idea. High quality mattresses, clean rooms with Wi-Fi and other amenities would be a big plus for business room requirements.

Mattresses and Hospitality:
If you are looking to boost your hotel rooms with some well-designed and high-quality mattresses, King Koil can help with hotel bed mattress options. You can choose custom made as well as the most common kinds of mattresses used in hotels, as well as order something unique. King Koil mattresses can help you achieve the looks as well as comfort and has a proven track record of serving premium hotels in the industry. You can choose our custom made, or bespoke mattresses and be sure of the best quality and comfort for your hotel guests too!

Here are the best mattress options you can choose for your hotel, in existing standard sizes as well as in custom looks and shapes:

1. Euro Soft: Euro Soft range of mattresses live up to their name in terms of the extreme softness. Made up primarily of PU Foam, and a variety of layers to enhance support and comfort throughout the construction, Euro Soft is a premium and soft mattress choice. Moreover, the bottom layer comprises of pocket coils that help keep the mattress and bed as silent as possible while providing adequate support and endurance. This makes the Euro Soft range not only plush and soft, but able to endure for years as well as support without any creaky noise complaints.
The top layer makes this mattress range a comfortable and cool experience to sleep on with PU foam helping in contouring your body properly. The Damask layer on top further helps to regulate air and temperature. This mattress range is soft inside and out, and your guests are sure to love the experience of relaxing on the Euro Soft range after a tiring day.

2. Comfort Sense: Comfort Sense is the ultimate choice for premium hospitality for support and proper comfort of your guests. It is a designer mattress whose many layers make it one of the best options for hospitals with all kinds of travelers. The HR foam used in the Comfort Sense mattress not only upholds and supports your guests, but also helps in providing the ultimate comfort with its soft foam construction.
The base is made up of high-density pocket springs that leave no room for the entire system to produce any noise and is especially helpful in supporting the bulk of the mattress. Moreover, comfort sense mattresses also have different layers of our high-quality sleep-grade HR foam, and a well quilted design that is as pleasing for the eyes as to the body. The Damask layer on top further helps regulate air, temperature and other factors to avoid allergens, and dust to accumulate.

3. Maharaja Grand: The Maharaja Grand is a hybrid mattress that covers all the bases of comfort and support that anyone could ask for. This makes this the ultimate luxury mattress, and a great choice for premium hotels. The Maharaja Grand is made up of HR Foam, and PU foam layers supporting each other and the inner spring coils base upholding the entire system in place. It is one of the best options to look for if you are looking for extreme luxury which doesn’t compromise on the comfort and support of your guests while sleeping. The top layer is made up of a high-quality quilt which further accentuates its beautiful and elegant design as well as comfort. Moreover, this range is also the most widely used mattress used in hotels across the world with our partners.

4. Roll away beds: In most of the rooms, you might get requests for additional mattresses, beds to make room for one more. Instead of lobbying up mattresses, you can install roll away beds that make room as well as save space with a single mattress design. Or you can also use them for your main bedding option, and see how comfortable it is for your hotel room guests and saving space at the same time.
Moreover, roll away beds are not only space saving and economical, but also help enhance the interior décor of your room. By saving space you are able to make more use of the space for cleaning, gatherings and other purposes. If you are looking for something economical and space saving, without compromise on the looks and comfort, you can choose our standard or custom roll away beds.

5. Toppers and Accessories: In addition to the custom bed and mattress options available, you can also choose our pillows, toppers, and other accessories. These help in not only providing comfort, but keeping your expensive mattresses safe from wear and tear, provide comfort as per room requirement as well as accentuate the looks of the rooms. Moreover, you can also choose from our “Royale”, and “Comfy” pillow range.

Royale Pillow: The Royale Pillow is made up of high-quality micro fiber, and is hypoallergenic too. The foam construction helps minimize accumulation of external factors like dust, hair, mites or anything that can degrade it, and help support and provide adequate comfort to your guests. These are especially useful in special requests or luxury rooms as they are just as soft as they are supporting to avoid any pain in pressure points.
Comfy Pillow: The comfy pillow a comfortable and more affordable option if you are looking for some standard range high-quality options. This pillow would need more maintenance and cleaning but has a great supportive and comfortable experience for your guests.
Mattress Toppers: The Mattress topper is a special layer of comfortable memory foam that helps the customer feel more relaxed as it tends to contour and cushion the body in direct contact. It is a waterproof layer that helps avoid water and beverage damage to your mattresses in case of spills and can help extend the life of your mattress and bed. You can choose different densities, and types of foam to provide different levels of comfort as per requirement. Moreover, mattress toppers stick to your mattress with the help of seams and can help support just as much as they provide comfort.
- Recharge Energy Sleep Pad: A sleep pad is also another great option if you know that most of your hotel guest rooms prefer a firmer mattress top layer to avoid sinking in too much. This sleep pad is waterproof, helps regulate air and temperature as well as supports the body during sleep. Your guests wake up feeling more energized and this is especially good for tourism focused locations.

The hospitality industry is a great option to invest in and look after the needs and wants of tourists visiting your city internationally as well as nationally. Your mattresses, interior décor, location, and a variety of factors discussed above can help you gain and make your brand. This is especially true these days with more customers spreading what they like about your hotel rooms and hotel in general online.

When you are investing in mattresses, make sure they are one of the best and highest quality options to last a long time with some maintenance. As one of the best luxury hotel mattress brands, King Koil makes a variety of hotel bed mattress options, be it hotel memory foam mattress, innerspring coils, or our premium Westin Heavenly bed options.

Our Westin bed options range discussed above- Maharaja Grand, Comfort Sense, and Euro Soft have helped us lead our way as one of the best luxury brand mattress brands internationally. If you are looking to buy hotel mattress online, and want to order something customized to enhance the look and feel of your hotel rooms, get in touch with us for the best hotel mattress price options.

Choosing the right bed and mattresses for your hotel rooms is just as important as choosing the room interior design, cleanliness, and other features. Luckily, our sleep guide is here to help you determine which mattresses to choose for which demographic of hotel guests and as per the room type. Moreover, you can also get in touch with us for accessories, beds, and the Westin bed mattresses all made as per your custom requirement ensured of the highest quality.