Date : 2021-07-27 09:01:04

When is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress?

Your old mattress may not make it clear when it is time to upgrade, but your body and physiological health do it clearly. There are different signs of aging that one must know about in their old mattress. So, the best time to buy a new mattress depends on your mattress's aging, your body's requirements, and of course, sale seasons. Most people tend to buy a mattress based on their recommendations from friends and family, online reviews, but the self-analysis factor is often missing. To make the right decision and choose the proper purchasing time, this mattress buying guide can help you sleep better.

When should you buy a mattress?
Your mattress buying purchase timing is crucial for your body's sleep cycle and overall health maintenance and helps budget you better too. However, sometimes it can be too late, and with the mattress sale season passed by, a mattress can be bad for your health and finances. Here are different factors to look out for, as signals to get a brand new mattress before it's too late:

  1. Your current mattress's age is older than mentioned: One of the main factors to keep in mind when considering upgrading your mattress is to look at your previous mattress's warranty/care card. This card would help you check how long to expect it to last and make your upgrade decision accordingly. Additionally, signs of aging might start showing up more, and smells, body pains, and lack of support, among other issues, start disturbing your sleep. A mattress past its indicated life expectancy should be discarded or recycled as per your local recycling and environmental laws. An aged mattress past its expected life expectancy can lead to several issues and impact your overall physiological health and lifestyle.
  2. You're seeing impressions/sagging: Sagging is a common issue in most foam mattresses, especially those without high-density configurations. However, despite having a higher density and proper support system, a mattress past its life expectancy period can show signs of sagging and body impressions. These impressions may look aesthetically unappealing, but they're even worse regarding how they impact the mattress and your physiological health.
    Body impressions mean that your body's weight combined with the aging mattress has caused the layers to compress permanently and there's no support in that area anymore. As a result, sleeping on such a mattress (both sagged and with body impressions) would not only be uncomfortable but incredibly unhealthy. Your muscles and skeleton need to be in a neutral resting position when sleeping, and an entirely or selectively sagging mattress is terrible news. It is one of the main reasons for settling of chronic pain in your body and can disrupt your lifestyle and health altogether. Although it is natural for mattresses to sag to some extent in the first five years, but that is marginal at best. If you see your mattress has lost more than 20-30% of its original height/thickness, it is cause for concern and should be replaced.
  3. You have more body pains than usual: If you have body pains off late, apart from your lifestyle, weight issues, an aging mattress is one of the main culprits. If you see back pain, shoulder pain, neck or pelvic pain in general, it could be because of the absence/lack of the proper support in your aging mattress. Where there may not be enough sagging in your comfort layer, a mattress can lose its height/thickness and lead to body pains. Where it is not evident in appearances, your body pain might result from lack or degradation of functionality in the mattress. It is one of the main reasons and signals to indicate that it is time to upgrade to a new mattress. Your mattress might have aged and not support how you sleep anymore, and this can lead to body pains too.
  4. Inability to sleep right: If you cannot sleep properly, it might not be evident because low quality sleep or taking a long time to sleep can be because of several factors. In a new high-quality mattress, factors like support and plushness are just suitable for your body, but over time it can degrade to the point where it is harmful. However, in some cases, it can be your older mattress that makes it uncomfortable and not supportive or plush enough to let you sleep properly. If you feel you're not particularly stressed, have a sleep disorder, or have other psychological or lifestyle issues, your old mattress can be the reason behind your lack of sleep. Getting up in the middle of the night in sweats, taking a long time to sleep, tossing, and turning to find comfort in your favorite sleeping position are some of the factors to look out for.
  5. Changes in your body: If you've gained weight quickly or just gained weight in general over the years while your mattress is losing its support, it is time to replace it. Pregnancy, weight changes, chronic pain, injuries are reasons to look into buying a new mattress. This change is vital for your health because the mattress doesn't change or become more supportive, and past its life expectancy, it can be harmful to your body. A hybrid orthopedic mattress is one of the best mattress choices to look into for this issue, especially if you're upgrading.

Type of mattress you can buy based on your sleeping posture
Your sleeping posture has a significant impact on how you sleep and what mattress suits you. The sleeping posture determines which parts of your body face the maximum pressure and need good comfort and support. Be it sleeping in the side or the back position, and your sleeping posture is the main reason why specific pressure points in your body need more plushness. The mattress size, layer configuration, and mattress types are factors that impact it:

  1. Hybrid mattress: Different kinds of hybrid mattresses are available, and each has its own uses and layer configuration. How you sleep or prefer to sleep in a specific position can help you select the right hybrid mattress. Although hybrid mattresses are ones that can accommodate a larger group of people and suit more body types than others, it is still essential to choose the right one. If you sleep on your back, a medium-firm hybrid mattress (latex or Euro top/orthopedic) would be best. If you prefer more comfort slightly with the support already in place, a memory foam, latex foam, or pillow-top construction mattress would be best for you.
  2. Memory foam mattress: A pure foam-based memory foam mattress is right for you, especially a high-density configuration if you sleep on your side. High-density memory foam allows for decent support, and the comfort layer allows comfort to your shoulder while the support aligns your body and spine. Most mattresses may have a memory foam quilting, but a pure memory foam mattress is suitable for people who sleep in the fetal/side position. High-density memory foam can also be used in orthopedics. It depends on your body type, weight, and physiological issues to choose a pure memory foam as the best mattress.
  3. Latex foam mattress: There are two types of latex foam mattresses, and latex, as a medium-firm material is suitable for a large group of people. Latex foam or hybrid latex foam is suitable for both orthopedic and comfortable use, even including back support, and it depends on the mattress rather than your sleeping position. You can choose a latex foam mattress whether you prefer to sleep on your back or your sides, and it depends on the mattress configuration what kind of support and comfort suits you.
  4. Orthopedic mattress: An orthopedic mattress is primarily dependent on the level of support present in its core. You can go for an orthopedic mattress in both cases- side and back sleeping position. Since orthopedic mattresses are usually firm, medium-firm, or extra firm, your injuries and chronic pain are more important than your sleeping position preference. It is best to go for a hybrid orthopedic mattress or your doctor's prescription mattress in such a case.
  5. Dual-comfort mattress: A dual-comfort mattress is perfect for people who tend to toss and turn more and find it difficult to sleep on a soft or hard position for days on end. With a flip, you can make your mattress relatively softer or harder, and the support stays the same. Innerspring dual comfort mattresses or orthopedic core dual comfort mattresses are options you can choose from too. Most dual comfort mattresses also have different or similar comfort layers depending upon the mattress, and it should be suitable for your body first and position later.

Where to buy a mattress?
You can buy a high-quality luxury mattress from different stores pan-India from KingKoil stores and dealerships. King Koil India has stores where you can experience and test our products in most Indian cities. Our dealerships and manufacturers can help guide you towards better sleep with high-quality luxury mattresses.

  1. Experience store: The best and only way one should buy a mattress is to experience it first and buy later. Our experience stores carry the majority of our mattress stock so that you can feel and experience your new mattress in person. Such an experience ensures that you're satisfied with what you see and experience rather than rely on others' judgment. Experience stores also have our accessories and mattress toppers so that you can get all you need with a one-stop shopping solution from King Koil.
  2. Multi-brand outlets: You can also buy King Koil high-quality luxury mattresses from multi-brand outlets in most metros in India. Multi-brand outlets carry our mattresses too, and you can experience them or order custom sizes as per your requirement. Multi-brand outlets are also better to check so that you can see in person how King Koil mattresses stand out and deliver a luxurious sleeping experience.
  3. Company outlets: King Koil mattress outlets are present throughout India, and you can check our entire range of mattresses with SleepID Kiosks and trained staff. Sleep experts, proper guidance help streamline your mattress buying experience, where you get the best mattress for your body and in your budget. You can also see different mattresses like round-bed mattresses, or bespoke mattresses, as you get to experience everything King Koil has to offer with complete sanitization and safety.
  4. In-home demo: You might prefer to stay indoors given the ongoing pandemic situation globally or just prefer to shop from home. In that case, an in-home demo is the best solution as you can try our demo products as per your SleepID. An in-home demo is one the best, safest, and most comfortable ways to shop to enhance your sleep with King Koil.
  5. Online (shouldn't): Given that in-home demos and in-store mattress buying helps you see and experience what you're buying, an online experience is something you should stay away from. Online shopping of mattresses often leads to high dissatisfaction, negatively affects your sleep and finances, and there are hassles returning your online mattress. Here is why it is better to buy a mattress in person rather than buy a mattress online.

Buy mattress by firmness or softness level?
Softness and firmness affect your sleeping position and sleep quality because it impacts how easily you go to sleep. Different softness and firmness levels also impact your comfort, spinal posture and physiological health. That is why it is important to ensure you sleep right with the proper mattress firmness or softness level. You should pay extra attention to the softness and firmness level in your mattress because choosing wrong can lead to body pains (often chronic in nature). The best firmness and softness level is essential, and you can have a choice in it, but you should use our SleepID tool to choose right with confidence.

  1. Ultra-soft: An ultra-soft mattress is best for people who are either underweight or have average body weight, as the softness often overtakes support in such mattresses. Ultra-soft memory foam or ultra-luxury mattresses are ideal for people who have a higher budget, nobody pain issues, and a healthy BMI. Hotels and the hospitality industry, in general, have ultra-soft or soft mattresses to relieve pressure from tired muscles. In domestic use mattresses, long-term health should be considered too.
  2. Soft: Soft mattresses like memory foam, lower density latex foam, or PU foam are ideal for people as long as there is adequate support in their base/core. A high-density memory foam core or an ortho core such as rebonded foam or high-density HR foam is ideal to use in soft or medium-soft mattresses.
  3. Medium soft: Latex foam or memory foam is highly configurable regarding how soft or firm they need to be for your body type. You should only go for soft/medium-soft mattresses if there is adequate support and you have no body pain issues. Most medium-soft mattresses, be it dual-comfort or pure foam luxury mattresses have the right support for your body too. As a result, hybrid mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and latex mattresses are the best mattress choices for this firmness preference.
  4. Firm: A firm mattress may not be everyone's cup of tea but is all the more necessary for both preemptive care and post-diagnosis care. Most body pain scenarios need a firm/medium-firm mattress as it helps keep your muscles in a neutral position. A firm mattress has adequate comfort and support and is usually our orthopedic mattress. Both foam and innerspring mattresses can have a strong core experience.
  5. Extra-firm: Extra firm mattresses are orthopedic mattresses for people that need excessive support because of weight or severe chronic pain issues. It would be best if you only went for extra firm mattresses as per your doctor's prescription, and it is only ideal for people who sleep on their back. Construction options like a Euro top can help comfort if you choose to sleep on your side, but they're ideal for back sleepers.

Free Nights Trial Mattress
As attractive as it seems, a free night's trial mattress is not something you should choose for your health. 100- nights free trial or 30-nights free trial mattresses are mostly sold online and have very high return rates because of dissatisfaction. Given the fact that we have to be careful about using recycled or resold items, especially in the ongoing pandemic, a free night's trial mattress is an unwise decision.

Most online manufacturers tend to focus on volume rather than quality. Despite high return rates and a potential cleaning process, a trial mattress is as good as a second-hand mattress. They have strong off-gassing for weeks or days, body impressions, and other issues which are not suitable for your health and finances.

Best time to buy a mattress in India:
There are various sales and discounts going on all year round in India, but not as much during the ongoing pandemic. Although you should replace your mattress ASAP, your old one passes its life expectancy, and it might not be the best for your budget to buy immediately. This is why you should choose sale periods like the monsoon sales in late July, New Year sales, and December sales, among other days where you might get a good bang for your buck. Suppose you're looking to buy a King Koil mattress. In that case, the best season to buy is the Diwali/Dussehra festive season and marriage season to get free accessories and attractive discounts for the best mattress options.

Use SleepID:
SleepID is our biometric analysis tool that helps you choose the right mattress for you and your partner's body types. There is nothing better than science to back as facts and satisfy you by enhancing sleep, and SleepID does that above and beyond. SleepID uses real-world data from across the globe and uses it to understand the local demographic better. As a result, we're able to craft, recommend, and offer sleeping products that suit the national demographic of India and countries outside as per their lifestyle and average body type.

Over the years, our research and development team have focused on elevating the experience of how you sleep, and SleepID is the culmination as an analytics recommendation tool using the same. With the help of our SleepID tool, you can count on SleepID to show the right mattress for your body and products that fit your budget. Using pressure sensing maps, international data from surveys, SleepID has a 94% success rate for recommending the proper mattresses to help you sleep better every night.

Buying a mattress can be a complicated process because you don't want to put your long-term investment where you have to think twice, take the hassle of returning, making calls, among other issues. That is why you should always try your mattress in person, see and feel for what it is like, and then purchase accordingly. There can be financial constraints and other factors that might be deferring or delaying your mattress buying, and that is why this mattress buying guide would help you make the best decision.

Different sales are going on around the year, and online mattress price options have astronomical differences from the brick-and-mortar manufacturers and dealers. The main reason is that they're high-quality and often choose quality over volume for sales, which we focus on here at King Koil. The best mattress for your body has high-quality, high-density layers that cannot be packed in a box and last longer, giving you perfect sleep every time.

Sales can help you get the best mattress for the right price or with additional valuables to help deliver an even better sleeping experience. You can contact us for an in-home demo or visit our stores to experience the luxury that King Koil mattresses offer. You can also check out different options to purchase and finance your mattress better with our in-store experts.