Date : 2020-09-14 11:15:19

Which is the Best Bed Mattress in India and Where Can You Buy One?

A good mattress or any mattress worth buying has a certain set of qualities to look out for, and it is not just the material used. You can be sure that there is no singular concept of the best bed mattress. But, what exists is the concept of mattresses that work for you, and mattresses that let you sleep soundly. After the core functionality and experience are nailed down, you can accentuate it with design, additional functions, among other things.

If you are looking for a great or let’s say phenomenal bed mattress, let’s start with the basics first. Finding the best quality mattresses online depends on your requirement, material in use, density, shape, height, and design among other things. But finding one without over complicating things comes down to your personal choice and requirement which makes it the “best” mattress for you. Before finding out where to buy some of the best mattresses let’s finalize how to decide on what works for you:

Factors that make your mattress the “best mattress” for YOU:
When you are looking to upgrade or find a new mattress that suits you, it is important to consider all factors before you take the final step. This is essential because you want to make the best long-term purchase decision that helps you sleep soundly and relax just the same.

1. Materials: High-quality materials in use for mattresses dictate how well each mattress lasts and feels to you. That is, apart from the outer materials and visually appealing design, the main work of the mattress goes on inside. A high-quality mattress, irrespective of the material(s) in use, ensures that the quality is the highest to last long and deliver the performance as expected. Moreover, apart from long-lasting life, a high-quality mattress also ensures proper density, materials free of toxic chemicals among other factors. In some cases, even organic materials are used in mattresses and it is important they are used sustainably and built to last.

2. Comfort: Your comfort is the most important factor to look out for. That is, with the right mattress, it should be comfortable for you(and your partner), and adjust to your body type. Sleeping or relaxing on your mattress should feel serene instead of compensating in terms of excess softness, firmness which doesn’t suit your body. If you choose to settle for less, it would mean it might end up irritating you, in the long run, rendering the mattress useless. The best way to ensure that the mattress is comfortable for you is to give it a test run, research right, and see what your body needs. At the same time, comfort can be subjective, as you need to look out for comfort as per your body type. Going for an extra soft mattress that sinks under your body weight would feel comfortable for some time, but lead to chronic pains and other factors down the road.

3. Body Support: As mentioned above, comfort is only a subjective factor and you should also look out for your body. In other words, selecting a mattress as per your body type is also a critical decision. Being overweight or older can mean that you need to take extra care of selecting your mattress. This is because each mattress is built to perform differently. While a firm surface and springy mattress might be good for people who like that and tend to be energetic, it wouldn’t be a good idea for old people or people with ailments. In your mattress, you should look out for layers of materials and which layer functions well enough to support a certain area. The more you make yourself aware, the better it would be for your long-term health.

4. Aligning with your spine and neck: One of the most important functions of your mattress should be to provide relief for any existing ailments and not lead to any development either. A good quality mattress aligns your spine, back, and other areas like shoulders in a proper manner. That is, with the right mattress your spine should feel at ease in its natural slight ‘S’ curve. This is especially true if you see yourself waking up to pains in your lower back because of a mattress that is stiff and doesn’t contour your spine and allow it to relax.
Ensuring the health of your spine and shoulders is critical as one of the most important factors irrespective of age, lifestyle, or weight. You should always look out for the back and shoulder support as per your body type in the mattress that you choose. People with cervical pains should also pay extra attention to getting an orthopedic mattress and pillow as a bad choice can aggravate your condition.

5. Pressure on your body: While a good amount of pressure is critical in ensuring that your body rests and allows you to sleep in a calm state of mind. However, sometimes this pressure can be extra or unwanted in certain areas. While you may be paying attention to the feel and firmness of your mattress, your shoulders and back might not be. In other cases, even your knees, spine, and other areas can get that unwanted pressure that affects them in the long term.
When you go to sleep on a mattress that is perfect for you, it shouldn’t exert extra unwanted pressure on your relaxing muscles and bones. Pay extra attention to how firm or soft a mattress is, and how it feels like when you lie on it. The slightest bit of discomfort in some points can indicate it might become a pain point and lead to chronic pains later on.

Personal factors to consider when buying a new mattress:
Apart from the constituents of a mattress that makes it “best” for you, your body is the first to experience the same. Before researching for high quality bed mattresses, you should self-assess these factors as they have a major impact on how your body enjoys the experience:

1. Your preference for firmness or softness: Not everyone likes the same mattress despite similar body features. Sure, it is important to consider how a mattress ensures the overall long-term health of your body, but it is also important to check how well you like it. Apart from the bulk of the mattress which decides if a mattress is overall soft or firm, you should also pay attention to the surface. Often, your mattress may have a generally soft structure, but the upper two or more layers including the surface can be harder which nullifies the soft feel of the mattress overall. The comfort layers decide how well your body likes the softness or firmness of a mattress. A harder or softer mattress’s feel may not necessarily lie only in the comfort layer, and it is important that you look out for all the factors that make up the experience of sleeping on the mattress.

2. Your age: Your age is another factor that plays a huge role in the mattress that you should go for. That is, your age essentially dictates how well your body is able to relax on a variety of mattresses. For example, a child or young person may not notice much difference in sleeping on orthopedic soft mattresses or a latex mattress that feels comfortable. But, for an elder person, it may mean they have existing ailments and an orthopedic or extra soft mattress makes a world of difference.
Your age also decides if you like firm or soft mattresses and how easily you are able to get off the mattress. A soft mattress that sinks low like memory foam may not be perfect for old people as it makes it difficult to get out of bed. On the other hand, a semi-firm mattress is suitable for both older and younger people that are able to get out of it easily and energetically.

3. Weight: Weight is a sensitive factor that decides how well your body experiences and relaxes enough to fall asleep easily on the mattress. Your weight may change based on your lifestyle. But, in case of people with a long history of being overweight or underweight, the case is different. In case of being overweight, you have to decide a mattress that cushions your bones and muscles extra and at the same time support your body weight. Irrespective of whether you like a soft or firm mattress (which the comfort layers can help with), your mattress should be able to support your body weight and help with extra cushioning of potentially weak joints and muscles.

4. Body type and composition: Your body type (not just the BMI), your anatomical form of your body also means a lot when choosing a mattress. Your body type differs a lot and even sex is something that dictates your body type. Your body type is the natural construction, irrespective of weight and fat percentage, and is also something to consider when buying a mattress. You might be an ectomorph (thin build and fast metabolism), endomorph(larger waist size and slow metabolism, tend to gain weight easily), and finally a mesomorph(muscular build, but gain weight easier than ectomorph, mostly in terms of muscles and fat).
These factors are important because a mattress also determines how well you sleep and the hormonal balance and metabolism activity in the background. Going into deep high-quality sleep on a high-quality mattress ensures that your body performs optimally and maintains its build with the right balance of hormones. On the other hand, a mattress that doesn’t suit you will make it difficult to sleep, and as a result, lead to weight gain or loss depending upon your body type and composition. Your BMI indicates just as important of how well you would be able to sleep and relax on any given mattress. A larger BMI means that you would need a more supportive and larger mattress and a bit firmer yet soft enough to contour and let your muscles and bones relax.

5. Body aches and ailments: Issues within your body also indicate how well you can sleep on a mattress. In other words, people with chronic pains, existing issues, or serious medical conditions might need special mattresses. Orthopedic mattresses are perfect for people with existing conditions as despite a similar build, their material and construction are specially designed to help keep those pains at bay. These special mattresses help avoid aggravating the condition further and help in providing extra relief to the mattress. Chronic pains in knees, back, and shoulders need special attention and a generic mattress irrespective of the feel might not be the best solution. Orthopedic mattress help contour and support these weak points and you can look towards our Orthobond and PressureSense mattresses for the same.
However, even after you know this, you can't judge a mattress whether it would be best for you or not. That's why we develop SleepID to omit all these doubts and help you choose the right mattress with 94% Accuracy. You can check your SleepID at Your Nearest King Koil Mattress Showroom or on our website at:
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Where to buy the best quality mattresses?
King Koil India has over 600 showrooms across India, and in addition to our site’s self-assessment test, you can even check out the SleepID Kiosks at most of our priority showrooms. The best differentiator between quality mattresses is to experience them yourself. You can hop in our stores anytime for the full experience and see how our mattresses go the extra mile in taking complete all-round assessment of your body and get high-quality sleep. The best part about visiting our store in addition to getting the complete experience is also have access and experience most of our entire range.

Delhi Stores: Our stores in Delhi have our complete range of mattresses and great store aesthetics and a great experience for anyone looking for experiencing the mattresses first-hand. Scattered across the Delhi NCR region, our stores in Delhi are best in terms of the overall experience and helping you select the mattress that your body wants.

Gurugram: Our leading showroom in the DLF Mall of India, among other locations scattered throughout Gurugram and Noida have our complete lineup and ample space and facilities to help you decide without any rush.

Bangalore: King Koil’s Bangalore showrooms and dealers can help you choose your best mattress and get the experience behind the quality and reputation of our brand.

Mumbai: If you are looking for high quality mattresses in the fast and urban lifestyle of Mumbai, our stores are at your service in helping you assess what works for you.

- Ahmedabad: Experience the full King Koil quality and service in our Ahmedabad stores and have a safe and sanitized experience selecting your mattress.

Chennai: Our Chennai stores are a great option to service and help the great people of this city select the mattresses that work best for their lifestyle. Come to our stores for the complete experience and see first-hand how our quality and service differentiates us from other brands.

FAQs on the Best Beds Available in India:

1. Do I really need a new mattress?
It depends, if your old mattress is unnaturally sunken or have aged over 5-7 years it might be time to change. You would be the best expert of this, as you may tend to experience discomfort and chipping away of material or excessive maintenance to keep it clean lately. The best way to assess this is to check out your sleeping experience (consistent and comfortable), as well as maintenance and other factors.

2. What should I look for in a brand-new mattress? In your brand-new mattress, after experiencing it in-store, you want to look carefully at how to keep it clean, ensure regular maintenance, and how you tend to sleep. Most companies today give you a sleep trial ranging from 1 to 3 months and see if it fits your body and lifestyle to help you sleep. Your weight, age, and sleeping preferences may change over the next few years. The best way to make a purchase decision is to ensure that you buy a mattress that is as close as possible to your current and upcoming 2 years lifestyle. It is an investment that is crucial towards your sleep and overall health, so you should be researching and assessing everything carefully.

3. Is a costlier option going to ensure that I get the best sleeping experience? Although true in most cases, a costlier mattress out of your range of selection would have better materials, designing, and other features. This applies only to the range of mattresses that suit your body and not mattresses that do not suit you therefore invalidating the extra expenditure. However, most people tend to go for costlier options to get that “5-star” hotel experience, and the kind of mattress that you choose is what you should be looking for. You can have a look at our hospitality mattresses if you want the experience instead of an emulation.

4. Would it be better to buy online or in-store in the current circumstances? Our online platform is designed to keep your comfort and safety in mind. You can also visit our stores and experience mattresses first-hand if you want to experience before putting in a huge investment. But in the current global environment, it is best to shop online and reduce your exposure outside, although our staff and stores ensure maximum sanitization and precautionary measures.

5. How should I take care of my new mattress? Taking care of your new mattress is essential in ensuring longevity and the best sleeping experience. Our mattresses make use of a robust build and best in class materials to help you sleep, and take care of your body. But, at the same time, it is up to you to follow the mattress cleaning and care instructions in the warranty card and to-do’s for the best experience.

6. Can I also get some pillows to go along with my new King Koil mattress? Yes, you can also choose from our range of specially-curated pillows to complete your sleeping experience. You can choose from the following options:
- Memory foam pillow
- Poly fiber pillow
- Celliant Fiber pillow
- PU Foam pillow

7. My Mattress has slightly sunken and taken the shape of my body. Although I am comfortable with it, not sure if I should replace or make a complaint of my mattress? This is going to happen in mattresses that have soft comfort layers and conform to your body shape to help you sleep in absolute bliss. Because of the use of high-quality upper layers and air regulating quilts in our mattresses, you may see some compression and shape the impression of your body, but it is nothing to worry about. You can be sure your mattress is going to perform the same, and for a long time. However, in case you think something odd or defective renders the mattress unusable, please get in touch with us at the earliest and help us help you as per the warranty policy.

8. How to locate the store nearest to me for experiencing King Koil mattresses? Our showrooms offer you the opportunity of experiencing our mattresses first-hand and you can locate our showrooms here. Our showrooms are equipped with SleepID Kiosks and well-trained hospitable staff to help you select your mattress ensuring a start to finish premium buying experience. Additionally, because of the current pandemic, we try our best to sanitize our entire store regularly as per Government and WHO protocols.