Date : 2021-02-17 11:32:29

Which type of mattress is good for health?

Our energy regeneration in sleep is an essential part of our sleep and body cycle. We use our bodies in different ways, and not everyone has the same energy expenditure and input as others, and it shows in different ways in our lives. People who are more physically active tend to be more energetic in general because exercise helps their metabolism and body functions work optimally. In contrast, a sedentary person would feel more tired sitting all day because the brain and basal metabolic rate are the only energy expenditure options. Irrespective of these factors, our bodies need care and support when sleeping. A high-quality mattress is crucial when it comes to proper energy recovery as a result of deep sleep.

How does a mattress affect your health?

  1. Comfort level: Your comfort level, aka the way you feel (your preference of support and plushness), is essential for your body to feel safe. In an incompatible mattress, your body wouldn't feel at peace irrespective of its surface softness or hardness. To feel sleepy, we need to feel we're in a safe environment both physically and subconsciously, which is not the case with an incompatible mattress. An incompatible mattress would make it uncomfortable and challenging to feel at ease by exerting unnecessary pressure on your body. Or, in some cases, unnecessary comfort and plushness that would cause your body to sink or heat up. These factors together disallow you from sleeping in your preferred orientation, making the experience of sleeping not something that you want to look forward to. As a result, you don't have good sleep hygiene leading to poor sleep quality, making you toss and turn in sleep. This is why comfort level is essential that helps you slip into a deep sleep and get your REM cycles going on optimally.
  2. Sleep posture: Visiting relatives or friends and even some hotels might have given you the experience of not being able to sleep in your preferred position. This is because an incompatible and inferior quality mattress wouldn't consider the way you need to sleep. The lack of support and comfort in different regions or uniformly wouldn't allow your body to feel at ease. Irrespective of the position you choose, an incompatible mattress wouldn't make it any easier. This discomfort leads to deep sleep issues and can lead to backaches (inadequate support and spinal alignment for your BMI).
  3. Support: One of the most important and the main issues that affect health is the support that a mattress offers. This is because support is necessary for not only maintaining your body posture but correcting it. For example, sleeping on the side leads to our spine needing more support while the shoulders face the mattress pressure's brunt. As a result, a too-soft mattress may allow your shoulders to feel at ease, but the spine wouldn't relax in a neutral horizontal position. The same scenario applies to people with body aches and backaches.The adequate and necessary support shouldn't exceed or be lower to help relieve pain and make it possible to get relief from pain. When sleeping in the back or side sleeping position, you need more spinal support and appropriate comfort for your shoulders, lower back, and pelvic area. The better the mattress is at providing adequate support in the long term, the more efficient it is to comfort and support weak and vulnerable areas in your body.
  4. Sleep Quality: Sleep quality refers to how your body stays asleep and the level of deep sleep it gets. Deep sleep is the state when our body and mind recover, rest and activate the subconscious mind to regulate the body systems. Improper sleep or a result of an incompatible or poor-quality mattress can make your sleep uncomfortable and unable to enter deep REM sleep. As a result, this can bring about various sleep disorders that may affect you in both your waking and sleeping life. Issues like sleepwalking, night terrors, and other sleep disorders are common in people with light sleep. Sleep quality also affects the way your internal systems work and recover. This sleep phase is known as restorative sleep and is more crucial for our health than anything else.
  5. Restorative sleep: Restorative sleep and deep sleep go hand in hand, and you enter this phase after or once you enter deep sleep. When your subconscious mind is most active, deep sleep allows your body to enter a phase when your cell growth and recovery are maximized. To recover and grow from the wear and tear of the previous day, our body uses restorative sleep as a mechanism to grow new cells and wake up the next day feeling better and stronger. Your deep sleep should have enough time to allow your body its fair amount of time of restorative sleep. It should heal with your body at a neutral, supportive position that helps align your bones properly. This is the reason why an improper orientation gives rise to pains and other muscular issues. A high-quality mattress or one that suits your body with adequate support and comfort allows your body more deep and restorative sleep than the contrary.

    The primary way that mattresses improve our overall health and sleep is by increasing the deep and restorative sleep levels that we get. That is the level of sleep or the sleep quality that allows us to wake up feeling fresh the next day. Some too many people do not look forward to waking up, and going to sleep is something they take for granted. But fixing aspects of your health by boosting your sleep environment helps you feel fresher, healthier and gives your body an immunity boost. Sleep improves your cognitive skills, immunity, muscle functions, reaction times, and other body functions. In contrast, an incompatible or low-quality mattress and sleep environment do the opposite, leading to sleep disorders affecting these functions.

Why and how certain types of mattresses are good for your health?
There is not one single miracle mattress that is good for your health. With that said, certain mattress types are suitable for your overall health by taking care of your body in a deep sleep. By fixing or maintaining a good posture or holding your body in a restorative neutral posture, you can make sure that your health stays on top of your mattress and priorities. A mattress that suits your body is similar to running shoes that don't let you feel as if you're running. However, it is a given that some mattress types are better than others, and you can check them below:

  1. Orthopedic mattresses: Orthopedic mattresses are mattresses that help correct posture, and address medical ailments are on top of our healthy mattress list. If you are prone to backaches or currently dealing with backaches and body aches in general, the right time to get an orthopedic mattress is now! It is always better to prevent than cure, and our orthopedic mattresses ensure your health and muscles stay in top shape. Orthopedic mattresses are often medium-firm and above in density and firmness levels. Orthopedic mattresses work by offering more support and firmness for people going through pain and other body issues. By correcting your back posture and aligning your spine correctly, you can rest assured knowing that orthopedic mattresses help relieve pain and even help orient internal organs providing overall comfort. The firm surface level and overall supportive sleeping experience help people with sedentary lifestyles, older adults with weaker muscles and bones, and those with diagnosed issues.
  2. Back-support mattresses: The spine and our core muscles are the most crucial parts of our bodies that help us stand and go about our lives. However, most of us may take it for granted until one faces back pain, disfigurement, injuries, and other issues. That is why back-support mattresses are another type that is good for both healthy and ailing people. Both extreme strain and underuse of the spine and core muscles are wrong in our lifestyle, but a back-support mattress helps correct and address these issues. Back support mattresses are both comfortable and supportive as they need to comfort your body but still address spinal posture issues. As a result, back support mattresses are medium-firm to not over or undercompensate on the support and plushness requirement. So, your body stays afloat instead of sinking, and you can be sure your spine is as neutral and well supported as needed.
  3. Innerspring mattresses: Innerspring mattresses are available in various support options and are usually hybrid mattresses able to serve multiple functions. They can be as soft or as hard as needed, but the general experience focuses on either uniform or focused support. Innerspring mattresses are among the most widely used mattresses in hotels and homes worldwide, and their advantages lie beyond how they help our health. However, choosing an innerspring mattress that is good for your health relies on your personal preferences and science. Using SleepID helps pair the right mattress as per your body weight, age, sex, and other elements. The innerspring system is meant for a level of support that a foam mattress may not always be able to yield. Since the entire comfort level and overall support rely on the comfort and support levels, innerspring mattresses are highly configurable.
  4. Memory foam mattresses: Memory foam mattresses are one type that everyone is familiar with and prefers over others. It is more of a buzzword, yet the advantages help use it as is, or in other mattress' comfort layers. Memory foam is an excellent pressure absorbent, and people suffering from body issues may find memory foam in innerspring or other hybrid mattress helps relieve pain. However, memory foam is suitable for people with a healthier and lighter body frame that doesn't sink entirely, and they're relatively active. Memory foam mattresses allow your body to sink completely, and this is the reason why it can lead to back pains and pelvic pain issues in some people. Spinal alignment is necessary, and a higher density memory foam mattress with an HR foam support layer or memory foam on an innerspring mattress is always better.
  5. Latex foam mattresses: Latex foam is one of the best all-rounder and highly valuable and configurable mattresses you can get. Latex is naturally sourced from rubber trees, and the closer you get to nature, the better your health is. This makes latex foam one of the best materials to use or the best mattresses to get for a healthy body. Latex is hypoallergenic, easy to maintain, and the most durable material you could get. Additionally, the medium-firm density by default is configurable to lower and higher levels as per requirement, making it even better. Latex foam offers a slightly bouncier sleeping experience, and the sleeping experience is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable and supportive ones could ask for. If you're looking for overall the best option for your health, latex foam mattresses are suitable for your respiratory system, skin, and your overall health. Being a natural and long-lasting material, a latex foam mattress is also an excellent option for nature and super eco-friendly. Moreover, latex foam is also an important material because it is temperature neutral, and its composition doesn't change with varying temperatures and pressure. Being a hypoallergenic material also means it doesn't attract dust, mites, or any other insects to infest or cause sanitation problems.

How to choose a mattress that is good for your health?
Health is a word that encompasses a vast range of factors in one's body. It can be mental and physical and related to the environmental surroundings. However, here we're going to focus on health issues around sleep: posture-related, skin, respiratory, and general sleep and personal hygiene issues. There is a range of factors you should consider for your good health:

  1. Respiratory benefits: Your sleeping environment is the time when you unconsciously inhale and can have different inhaling patterns. Mattresses should be hypoallergenic in order not to affect your lungs. High-density mattresses or materials like memory foam, latex foam are hypoallergenic and keep dust, mites, ticks, and other pests away from your bed and surroundings. These materials help keep your lungs and skin healthy by not serving as a breeding ground for pests or acting as a dust dump. Your body may be having good immunity, but hidden dust, pollen, pests can cause asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues. The best way to go for healthier skin and lungs is to go for supreme high-GSM fabrics that do not allow these elements to enter, and If they do, not to settle down in the mattress.
  2. Posture benefits: The main benefit of mattresses is to provide comfort and support the way your body demands. The best way to check the demands and the best compatible mattresses to gain posture benefits is to use our SleepID algorithm. Different mattress configurations and materials with varying densities and mattress construction options offer varying posture benefits. Moreover, this also correlates to how you sleep, and correcting your posture in different sleeping patterns depends on mattress support and comfort layers. Where the base/core layer may uphold and support your body as a whole or different region specifically, the aim should be to correct your sleeping posture. Sleeping on the side should allow your shoulders to sink slightly or be rest comfortably in a plush comfort layer. Sleeping on the side also needs your spine to be horizontal and appropriately aligned not to cause additional stress on the lower or upper back.
  3. Sleep benefits: Mattresses are directly responsible for your sleep quality and, as a result, your overall health. So, if you're looking for mattresses with the aim of improving or boosting any aspect of your health, it is crucial to know how to. In other words, mattresses offer support and comfort that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep without disturbances, wake up fresh and pain-free. An incompatible or poor quality mattress would cause issues like body aches and backaches, cause you to wake up drenched in sweat, among other things. Sustained use of suitable/compatible or the bad quality/incompatible mattresses determine the direction your overall health is heading towards. That is why a mattress that helps you fall asleep quicker, wake up fresh, and pain-free is a good choice for your body. Moreover, mattresses that help you stay asleep also boost your immunity indirectly by allowing you quality restorative sleep through the night.
  4. Lifestyle benefits: A bad morning leads to a bad day, and a bad night leads to a bad morning. This vicious cycle brings our attention to the one thing that has the most massive impact on your overall health. Your sleeping and waking habits dictate your overall health. High-quality or compatible mattresses help you unwind, relax and distribute pressure from paining areas for a good night's sleep. In turn, these issues help make a mattress even more critical if you're looking to improve your lifestyle. From waking up fresh to unwinding and going to sleep correctly, sleep hygiene is essential for your health. Absence or lack of good sleep hygiene leads to sleep disorders in the long-term, making a good mattress important for your health.

What is SleepID:
SleepID is our biotech application or algorithm, in other words, that helps pair the right mattress with the right body. In other words, if you're looking for science to answer your queries and not a salesman, SleepID is reliable when it comes to mattress selection. Your mattress and health are in the hands of science and research carried out worldwide and targeted for your demographic. This helps us ensure a 94% customer satisfaction rate with King Koil luxury mattresses.

With the help of pressure sensors, various density experiments, surveys, and scientific consultation, the SleepID algorithm considers all factors of concern. By considering the number of people, gender, age, sleeping orientation, among other factors, it strives for maximum compatibility. In the end, you can rest assured knowing your health issues and body factors are considered the same way a doctor would before prescribing anything.

Moreover, SleepID and luxury mattresses from KingKoil are also certified from ICA (International Chiropractic Association, USA) and FCER (Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research). These certifications not only help us offer quality sleep worldwide but help address the health concerns for people of all ages. SleepID is especially beneficial in helping shortlist orthopedic mattresses to people with adverse diagnoses, and our mattresses help relieve this pain, letting you sleep better.

As a product of more than five years of research and development, SleepID makes KingKoil luxury mattresses the best option for your body. Balancing plushness and support with suitable materials for long-term use makes your body feel the difference and health improvement within a month. If your older mattress was sagging, aging, low-quality, among other factors, KingKoil mattresses can be your next right choice. Pressure sensing maps and other real-time data help us craft mattresses that listen to your body's needs than generic selection tools.

Mattresses can only do so much to work on your health, and most of it is indirect. But sleep is an essential part of your health, and you can rely on KingKoil mattresses to help you become healthier. Additionally, sleep is a vast area with numerous components, and it is best to work on your lifestyle issues and work on improving the sleep environment with luxury mattresses simultaneously. Exercise, posture correction, and other lifestyle and mindful changes can bring about significant health boosts.

A mattress and pillow are essential in helping you settle in for a good night's sleep and a new day. That is why sleep hygiene and sleep quality are essential features of your sleeping experience. The lack of these can lead to sleep disorders, and proper care of your body can keep you as healthy as ever, even in old age.