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Why are Hotel Mattresses so Comfortable?

When you travel for your business or personal reasons, you expect a standard from a hotel or any luxury hotel. The main factor one expects from their stay in comfort and a break or relief from daily life. That is why hotels focus on enhancing the guest experience with a great location, stellar services, amenities, and most importantly, offering a comfortable bed. You may have noticed the level of comfort that a hotel mattress/bed provides, and for some reason, your luxury mattress at home doesn’t give the exact same experience. This is because hotel mattresses are built differently and for short-term comfort and a softer sleeping experience.

Hotel mattresses are more comfortable because of how they are built and suit a wide range of body frames. However, a home luxury mattress would fit you and your partner’s requirements in the long term. When traveling, our shoulders, back, and the entire body generally take on more physical work than usual and need to be supported and appropriately comforted when sleeping. The pent-up physical stress and exhaustion need a softer touch, and a hotel mattress delivers exceptionally in this area. Comfort is helping alleviate physical stress and helps you sleep faster, which is essential when our brains see a change in our sleeping environment. So, what makes hotel mattresses stand out as a more comfortable option than your everyday use mattress? The guide below shows how luxury mattresses for hotels use different construction and materials:

Hotel Mattress Construction:
Although you can get custom mattresses for hotels, hotel mattress options or luxury mattresses for hotels have a different build and construction. The materials used are similar but vary in density, thickness, use, and overall purpose. As a result, a hotel mattress offers much more comfort than an everyday mattress might, both because of intended use and the difference in construction. Here are the elements that set hotel mattresses apart from your standard luxury mattress:

  1. Support system: Although hotel mattresses are excellent at short-term comfort and support, they also need to have a support system that compliments the softness. To support the mattress weight and rough use over the years and provide your body with the proper support, most hotel mattresses use an innerspring system. In most cases, this innerspring system is either a pocket coil system or a Bonnell coil system that comes with different construction features too. An innerspring pocket coil system is better for long-term use for a wide range of body types and also contours and comforts your body. When installed in a hotel mattress, the innerspring pocket coil system supports and comforts more, lasts longer, and isolates motion, helping the mattress last longer.
  2. Comfort layer: The comfort layer of any luxury mattress for hotels defines and sets it apart in terms of the sleeping experience. The comfort layer needs to be dense enough to last long and soft to contour and comfort your muscles. PU Foam, HR foam, and memory foam are present in most variations of a hospitality mattress as they need to be light, comfortable, and contouring. The high-density variants of these comfort layers help ensure the proper comfort that molds the comfort layer as per the body type and environment. The comfort layer has to be long-lasting and temperature-neutral or slightly warm by offering the level of comfort and durability that one needs after a day of heavy traveling. Moreover, comfort layers may also use unique construction designs with the addition of a Euro top or pillow top design.
  3. Construction: Sometimes, luxury hotels may opt for mattresses that look just as luxurious as they feel with a Euro top or Pillow-top mattress. These additional construction features help deliver an exceptionally comforting and contouring sleeping experience. In hotel mattresses, when guests are tired from traveling, the softer and more comfortable the mattress is, the better is the customer satisfaction. Additionally, these construction features also stand out from an everyday mattress because they work to offer an exceptionally soft experience. Euro-top padding looks like it is part of the mattress, and a pillow top looks like a flattened pillow attached to the mattress. In either of these mattress configurations, you can experience the best form of comfort and body contouring and even a temperature-neutral or slightly warm sleeping experience. Moreover, these construction options are comfort enhancers rather than the sole reasons. So, if you’re looking for a hotel mattress or a hotel-like mattress, the comfort layer beneath is just as important as part of an essential combination.
  4. Overall experience: Your everyday use luxury mattress may be orthopedic or supportive/plush in the perfect balance for long-term use. But in a hotel mattress, a softer sleeping experience is essential. A guest that isn’t used to a firmer sleeping surface may find it uncomfortable to sleep in the bed leading to a bad overall experience. However, everyone, irrespective of body shape, size, or other demographic features, prefers a softer mattress. At the end of the day, after extensive traveling or just relaxing in the room, a softer hospitality mattress is essential in offering a snug and plush sleeping/relaxing experience. A high-quality luxury hotel mattress would offer a soft sleeping experience, and the innerspring system or the high-density support system can enhance the overall support. Just as an orthopedic mattress has a firmer surface, a hotel mattress offers a soft and plush sleeping experience to comfort the guest’s tired muscles. And even if you’re worried about your support levels, most hotel mattresses also have a robust support system that helps with spinal and general posture alignment. So once you’re relaxing in your hotel room, a luxury mattress can make or break the overall experience.

Hotel mattress raw materials and properties:
Different materials and how they function are essential in delivering the unique soft sleeping experience for years in luxury hotel mattresses. So, if you’re looking for the best mattress for hotels in general, these features and material properties are essential for guest satisfaction across a broader demographic. Hospitality mattresses also need to last longer and sustain different guests over the years while providing the same high-quality sleeping experience. To make this possible, luxury mattresses for hotels need to have these features:

  1. Fire retardant materials: In the hospitality industry, fire and other incidents can ruin the business’s reputation and infrastructure. And sometimes, all it takes is a cigarette butt, an electrical spark, or other issues that could become a big fire in the night. That is why hotel mattresses should have excellent fire retardant materials inside and out to prevent such an incident in the first place. High-density materials with tiny pores or fire retardant internal and external linings are a must for any hospitality industry mattress. Mattress density, thickness, fabric density and type, and construction are important factors to consider when aiming for fire-proofing the bed.
  2. Higher innerspring count: A higher innerspring pocket coil count or innerspring coil in different types is also critical for maximum comfort and support. The higher spring count helps ensure that the mattress has ample contouring support and also lasts longer. While some luxury mattresses for hotels may have multiple layers of innerspring pocket coil layers, most need to have a higher volume even if there’s just one layer. This higher innerspring count helps offer maximum comfort as it contours and supports too many pressure points and also reduces motion transfer to a bare minimum. Any disturbance stays limited to that specific area, and your body feels more at ease as the pressure points have the best balance of comfort and support. The higher innerspring count also helps extend the life of your support layer and offers exclusive support to pressure points in different sleeping postures.
  3. Sleep-grade foam: Some manufacturers may use generic foam to lower costs, but it doesn’t play well in the long run. Sleep grade foam that is only purposed for the long-term function of use in a mattress is essential to your hotel mattress. Generic or non-sleep grade foam would be more prone to abrasions, wear and tear, require high maintenance and offer lower comfort. That is why in mattresses that use memory foam or rebonded foam, one may find more instances of generic foam in place. Sleep grade memory or rebonded foam is usually prepared in-house and has a higher density allowing it to retain its properties longer. Additionally, sleep grade or any layer in a hotel mattress has to be high-density, protecting the mattress structure and keeping it good as new for a longer time. Sleep grade foam often needs less chemical additives which prevents off-gassing and ensures a better sleeping environment for guests. Whereas, a generic foam layer would also need different chemical additives in order to last long, and it is more about purity than density in such a scenario.
  4. High-density foam: High-density foam is essential in ensuring that your mattress stays good as new for the longest possible time. High-density foam is better at enhancing support and offering more contouring and plushness, especially in the comfort layers. In the core and support layers, high-density foam is critical to the overall support of the hotel mattress and is also responsible for durability. High-density foam is also essential in the construction features like a pillow-top or Euro-top padding, as they’re the most prone to wear, tear, and potential spills. Lower-density foam would attract and allow dust to settle, whereas high-density foam would be hypoallergenic because of smaller pores and have more benefits than the former variant.
  5. Durability: When we consider durability in a hotel mattress, we need to understand its aspects. The durability of a mattress would be tested against environmental factors like room temperature, humidity, dust, and allergens. Mattress features like preventing sagging, preventing dust build-up or liquid seeping, and overall higher construction is also essential in a hotel. So, when you’re looking for a luxury mattress for hotels, you should look at the different ways that a mattress protects itself from the guests and environment while lasting as long as possible. Retaining the mattress’s newness is possible only with high-density materials and a high standard of quality and construction. To test it, manufacture credibility, foam density, the GSM indicator of different materials, and fire-retardant properties should be the first preference. Moreover, mattress durability can also be external, and you can ensure by going for custom mattresses for hotels based on guest demographic. For example, family size, average weight, use, and other factors can help you get better requirements for custom mattresses for hotels.
  6. High GSM Jacquard or Knitted Fabric: After you’ve ensured all the internal and quality factors are taken care of, the fabric is one factor you should always look into. This is because while the core mattress experience may have the perfect balance of comfort and support, it is the fabric that would feel rough or smelly if it is low-quality. The fabric has to go through spills and act as a biological and environmental shield for the mattress. A mattress topper can protect your mattress and keep it new for years, but the fabric and stitching quality should be top-notch too. Higher GSM fabrics like Jacquard or knitted fabric feel soft, last long, and help offer an immediate sense of calm to one’s skin. With regular maintenance, your high-GSM fabric can stay as good as new for most of the mattress’s life. Low GSM (grams per square meter), aka low-density fabric, wouldn’t be effective in protecting your mattress or keep it new or even offering comfort. It can come off as rough and would be a wrong choice even if your mattress’s internals are in perfect condition.

Customization Requirement - Sizes and Firmness/Softness Level
Another area where a hotel mattress may vary is if the hotelier or chain decides on a certain level of softness and firmness, layer thicknesses, and other features. A bespoke mattress or custom mattresses for hotels often have specific requirements based upon hotel surveys to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Since the day-end rest and sleep make up a core of the luxury hotel experience, each aspect of a mattress can be tailored to hotel/hotel chain requirements. That is why as a premium hotel mattress supplier, KingKoil ensures maximum guest satisfaction by offering the highest quality materials for your bespoke mattresses. Serving as the leading providers of hotel chains internationally and nationally in chains like Radisson, Marriot, Hilton, Hyatt, and many others, we ensure that you only get the best mattress for your hotel.

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