Date : 2021-03-26 09:49:45

Why Buy a Waterproof Mattress Protector?

A mattress protector does more than protection, and comfort is one such factor. When you add waterproofing to the mix, it brings along entirely different values and benefits. A mattress protector does precisely what its naming suggests and helps boost your health too. When you buy a mattress, you're making a significant investment for the next couple of years, and a mattress protector helps enhance its longevity, durability, and even comfort. And if you sleep hot waking up in sweats, spill water regularly, or have newborns, a waterproof mattress protector is a lifesaver.

Here are the advantages of getting a waterproof mattress protector:

Common mattress hygiene issues to be wary of:

  1. Mold: Mold is one significant sanitation risk that can ruin your mattress and pose severe health-issues. The presence of excessive moisture in the environment or your body seeping into the mattress and poor ventilation creates a breeding ground for mold. If your mattress cannot take the excessive moisture and sweat and has poor air ventilation, it will grow mold and attract other unwanted agents in no time.
  2. Dust: Dust collection is one significant issue in materials like PU foam or more oversized pore size mattresses. While materials like memory foam or latex foam repel dust collection, rebonded foam or PU foam exposed attract it. The dust can often seep into the mattress both inside and underneath, on the bed, leading to health and cleanliness issues.
  3. Mites: Dust mites or just mites thrive on dead animal skin tissue. We drop quite a large amount of dead cells (often visible as dust in sun rays in your room), and mattresses can collect it. With the presence of moisture and collection of dead skin cell waste, mites attack your mattress. This causes mites to attack your mattress and even bite you in your sleep.
  4. Damage from liquid-spillage: Moisture issues aside, liquid-spillage is one issue that can take years of your mattress's life. Not only can excessive liquid spillage lead to sagging, but it also causes all the issues above because of moisture pileup. Some heavy mattresses would severely lose their comfort and produce odor because of liquids. Liquid spillage is perhaps the worst thing to happen to some mattresses and the reason why a mattress protector is essential.

Why is mattress Hygiene important?
Your mattress cleanliness and overall hygiene directly influence your sleep quality and are a measure of your sleep environment. A mattress plagued by external agents or poor cleanliness is as good as not bathing or not wearing any new clothes.

It is a personal care item that directly influences your sleep and overall health. The presence of moisture, body odors, mites, dust, or other factors shows your health risks on a platter. From respiratory to physical (skin and allergies) to mental illnesses, a mattress should be the safest place for you and not diseases or external agents.

How does a mattress protector help?

  1. Improves mattress hygiene: A mattress protector acts as a shield for it from your body waste and environmental waste. As you're going to be spending a minimum of 8-10 hours sleeping and resting per day in bed, it is better to pay attention to mattress hygiene. Your mattress protector acts as a separator between your body's vulnerability and the health-risks it accumulates day and night. Your moisture, dead skin, sweat, food crumbs, dust, mites, mold are the issues that can affect your mattress hygiene. Vacuuming or sun exposure may not be the best solution. Prevention is better than cure for your health-risks, and the same applies to your luxury mattress.
  2. Anti-allergy: While some mattresses like memory foam or latex foam are naturally hypoallergenic, the entire mattress isn't. Your mattress could be clean and sanitized from the surface, with more lurking inside like an iceberg. Allergenic agents can pile up in other mattresses quickly, and the solution lies in a mattress protector. Bed bugs, mites, dust, pollen, and dead skin flakes pose the most significant allergy risk, and a mattress protector shields it from these agents.
  3. Decreases maintenance requirements: If your mattress is particularly high-maintenance or needs regular cleaning in a closed environment, a mattress protector helps lower these requirements. For example, your innerspring mattress with a PU foam comfort layer may need vacuuming and sun exposure from time to time, but your room lacks proper ventilation. Or you're unable to lift or not advised to lift the heavier mattress, and a mattress protector can stop those agents from entering and causing maintenance requirements. Your mattress protector shields the vulnerable or open materials from entering it in the first place, making it much easier to maintain and clean your mattress.
  4. Prevention of odors from liquids: A waterproof mattress protector shields your mattress from any water spillage or moisture completely. It is waterproof and collects or inhibits water from seeping down to the mattress's comfort layer. Body odors can lead to the accumulation of bacteria in your mattress's uppermost layers, and sustained use without prevention can lead to germ growth. This accumulation of moisture or liquid spillage attracts bacteria, fungi, and other microbes to settle and decompose biological matter causing mattress odor. Moreover, if your child is a newborn or someone wets the bed, this issue becomes so much worse than body sweat. Your mattress is at risk of permanent and irreversible damage in such cases, and the best protection lies in a waterproof mattress protector. You can buy a waterproof mattress protector to ensure your mattress doesn't take permanent damage or sag, leading to odors from liquid or moisture presence.
  5. Mattress protection at a fractional cost: Your mattress is a considerable investment for years to come, both financially and health-safety-wise. Once your mattress takes on liquid or moisture damage, either the manufacturer would have to fix or address the issue or third-party cleaners. This cost would be higher than the cost you pay when you buy a waterproof mattress protector as a preventive measure. From dirt, moisture, sanitation issues to environmental cleanliness, a mattress protector helps cut costs of your cleanliness and service fees. So, at a fraction of your mattress cost, a mattress protector helps ensure your investment is safe for years and doesn't need as much service or cleanliness service fees as an unprotected mattress would.
  6. Enhance mattress comfort: Although your mattress may be well-crafted for comforting and supporting your body, a mattress protector acts as a booster. No, it doesn't add a new realm of comfort and support levels to your mattress but enhances both. You may not prefer to sink as much in the memory foam comfort layer or want more support, and a mattress protector helps with both. Different firmness levels are available in mattress protectors, and you can choose the one that suits you best. There are also mattress toppers you can choose to enhance your comfort and support, and you have to experience it to judge it.
  7. Investment protection: As mentioned above, your mattress protector costs a fraction of your mattress price. Buying a waterproof mattress protector is an excellent option if you want to keep your mattress as good as new for a long time. Considering the greater price of luxury mattresses, you should enhance their new-ness and overall usability over time. Buying a mattress and then its protector for 5-10% or less of the original cost to save from fixing, repairing, servicing, or other cleanliness fees may seem high upfront but is better in the long-term. That's why buying a mattress protector saves you from countless hours of woe in addressing these issues and more to protect your more considerable investment. And if anything goes wrong with the protector, it is easier to replace it than replace your mattress for superficial damage.
  8. Enhances sleep-quality: Your mattress protector enhances your sleep-quality by taking care of your mattress and your body. As a two-sided benefit, your mattress also boosts your sleep-quality by making sure your mattress is as clean as it is comfortable. You can use an extra layer of comfort and protection that cushions and comforts your body curves and supports you where you need most. Moreover, a mattress protector is one of the best investments you can make to enhance your sleep-quality because of the peace of mind of sleeping in a clean environment with the best protection.
  9. All-year usefulness: A mattress protector is meant to stay in place all the time. It doesn't need to be removed because of temperature fluctuations or better suit your body in different humidity conditions. The protection can stay in place all the time, and you do not need to worry about taking it off to damage it or the mattress for different sleep requirements or situations. So, be it monsoons, hot and arid summers, snowy winters, your protector ensures protection all year round. Your mattress may feel cold or hot in different weather conditions, and a mattress protector helps regulate temperature and mattress humidity absorption.
  10. Washable: Your waterproof mattress protector is washable. Yes, as much as it is meant to repel and resist water, you can clean and wash it without causing any hindrance to its protective features. A luxury mattress protector enhances your mattress's durability and waterproofs it, but it may need cleaning from time to time. So, any liquid spills, moisture collection, and other dirt can stay in the mattress protector rather than seep down the first few layers. Washing it gets rid of such elements only to be made fresh and new for more protection for your mattress.
  11. Warranty protection: Most mattresses or luxury mattresses available in the market have a warranty policy to ensure proper utilization and repair in case of accidents. Your mattress comes with a cleaning guide and manufacturer policy to ensure your mattress provides excellent quality for years as long as you use it as intended. And warranty policies have different pointers in them that could nullify your warranty in case of accidental, intentional, or ignorance of maintenance tips. For example, cleaning your mattress with hard detergent or wiping it with different abrasive chemicals can cause the fabric to erode or lose its quality, exposing your entire mattress to damage. Another example is using vacuum or water cleaning your mattress, mishandling to clean the mattress in the sun, or other environmental issues that void its warranty. A mattress protector protects your mattress from agents and issues that cause these issues mentioned not only above but also indirectly enhances its warranty. Your mattress is protected as best as possible, and you only need to wash or clean the protector instead of experimenting with the mattress. Put your mattress cleaning woes to bed, as a mattress protector does most of your work without voiding the warranty, keeping your mattress good as new for years.
  12. Easy-to-clean: A mattress protector is easy to clean, remove and wash as it is lightweight and made for washing and cleaning. The materials used in a mattress protector are built to withstand regular washing and cleaning from different damage forms. Be it water spillage, moisture-collection or dust, pet fur, or other elements, and it is easier and better to clean the protector than your mattress. Moreover, cleaning your mattress with chemicals or water that address these issues may not be suitable for long-term usage, and a mattress protector acts as a semi-disposable element you can use to clean it. It is lighter, compact, and easier to clean than a heavy mattress or not built for the cleaning procedure you prefer for personal care items.

About Mattpro Ultra waterproof mattress protector:
The Mattpro ultra waterproof mattress protector is one of the best waterproof mattress protectors available in the market. As a premium waterproof mattress protector, the Mattpro has these features to keep your mattress in good shape:

  1. Ultra-soft fabric: To aid and live up to our luxury mattresses' standards and quality, the Mattpro waterproof mattress protector doesn't compensate for its softness. It protects your mattress, but that doesn't mean it has to be rigid or firm to cause rashes to your skin or lower the sleeping experience. This waterproof mattress protector sports an ultra-soft fabric to make sleeping a subtle and calming experience it's supposed to be.
  2. High-GSM fabric: The high-GSM fabric is a sign of its quality and density. The higher-GSM contributes to its softness and its ability to last long without wear and tear. The higher-GSM or higher density also makes it difficult for allergens and water to seep down into the mattress.
  3. Anti-skid property: The Mattpro waterproof mattress protector also has anti-skid features, making your bedsheet or the protector stay in place as you move. So, getting up from the bed or general activity wouldn't cause it to skid or lose its form. It holds its ground and enhances your bedroom look without you having to look into fixing it every now and then.
  4. Waterproof: The Mattpro ultra is waterproof and protects your KingKoil luxury mattresses from water damage. This helps protect its warranty, prevent sagging and odors, and general damage to your mattress. You wouldn't need to dry your mattress in the sun or spend hours cleaning the mattress when you can take off the protector and carry on till it's washed. It is highly recommended for people who tend to sweat a lot in sleep, sleep hot, have children, or live in humid climates.
  5. Available in different sizes: Mattpro ultra waterproof mattress protector comes in different sizes, and you should always choose one that goes along with your mattress. This is essential to make sure it doesn't skid, look ugly, over or under compensates on the sizing and protection of your luxury mattress. You can look into the different sizes available here:
    1. Mattress protector for double bed
    2. Mattress protector king size
    3. Mattress protector queen size
  6. Elastic band fixing: To keep the protector in place and not adjust it several times during the day, it needs more than its anti-skid property. This is because, as a separate layer, it needs a fixing mechanism to stay in place. The Mattpro waterproof mattress protector has high-quality and long-lasting elastic bands that help it stay in place and look like it's part of the bed. Moreover, this elastic band mechanism also protects it from dislocation or slipping out when you toss and turn in sleep.

A mattress protector does exactly what it means and more. When you're investing a considerable amount into your mattress, it also makes sense to invest in a fraction of the price for long-lasting comfort for your mattress. Your KingKoil mattress is durable and comes with a warranty protecting it for years. It also needs your care to last as good as new to help support and comfort your body for years on end. And as a waterproof mattress protector, protection from the elements is at its best with high-quality waterproof fiber.