Date : 2021-03-31 07:06:31

Why more and more people prefer to buy Ortho Mattress?

The current pandemic lifestyle has forced us into our homes and taking precautions when outside. When most people don't prefer to go to gyms or crowded places, everyday life has taken a heavy toll on our active lifestyles. When you're at your office, you might have walked around the office, building in your break, play games or sports, but none of that is happening now. We're now more sedentary in our lifestyles, and the overall impact on our fitness levels is disheartening. However, with vaccination drives occurring globally, our lifestyles could be back by this year-end, maybe earlier or later. With that said, our bodies need the activity and calories burnt off for more than just weight or fat loss.

We've all dreamt the after-COVID lifestyles as a remnant of our previous life beginning to take shape steadily. However, more and more people have lost their fitness routines, jobs, and things that can't be measured by money. Health is one of these issues, as our bodies have become weakened and more and more people prefer home workouts. All our activity and preference for self-care are increasing in our homes, leading to a rise in ortho mattresses. Due to loss of muscle mass, and increasing body weights, people need support to prevent long-term issues. Our lifestyles may restore sooner or later, but health and fitness need mental and physical effort with discipline.

Here is why you need orthopedic mattresses now more than ever:
Orthopedic mattresses are essential now more than ever because of the sedentary lifestyle we're all working under. Sure, working from home is peaceful but needs long hours sitting, and it can be hard to plan your workouts. Some may even not workout anymore because of the safety factor involved with gyms or lack of equipment at home.

The baseline is that all of these issues lead to weight gain and muscle mass loss. Because our body needs tensile muscles and low body weight to keep everything aligned, we need external support. Orthopedic mattresses have high-density or firm surfaces that are either medium-firm, firm, or extra-firm, helping align your spine and body in general. While some may even prefer to have a softer mattress, the body weight increases, and pains across the body, especially the lower back, need external support through a mattress.

So, the level of support that one needs today is much more, even for young adults, to prevent long-term posture problems and chronic pains. That is why orthopedic mattresses are one of the best health decisions you can take to maintain your body in addition to lifestyle changes. And you don't need to be concerned if you prefer softer mattresses since ortho foam and ortho innerspring mattresses have comfort layers to make it a blissful and comforting experience.

Advantages of Ortho mattresses:
When you buy an ortho mattress, or a Dr recommended ortho mattress, it is essential to know what you're in for. Ortho mattresses aren't your standard mattress, but given the sedentary lifestyle in the current pandemic, now is a good time for any to know more. You can take care of your body's physiological health with a Dr approved ortho mattress if you have diagnosed issues or address any pains preemptively.

  1. Body pain relief: Your body pain, especially in adulthood and older adults, is related to your muscle strength. People often develop chronic pains because of the degradation of muscle mass as a result of sedentary lifestyles. This issue is rampant in adults over 30 with office jobs or seniors unable to workout or exercise because of pre-existing posture and pain-problems.
    One of the best ways to address this issue is with an active lifestyle, but given the current global situation, you may not exercise as much as you want to. This leaves us with weakened muscles that lead to pain in areas like the lower back, legs, back, shoulders, and neck. Most of this can also be a consequence of an incompatible or low-quality mattress that doesn't give your body the support it needs. That is where an orthopedic mattress can help you. If you see yourself developing lower back, leg, pelvic, or spine-related pains, it is time to change your lifestyle or invest in an ortho mattress. If you have chronic pains, a Dr approved prescription mattress does the trick of offering pain relief. Ortho mattresses offer pain-relief by aligning or neutralizing your posture such that your muscles are in a natural resting state, immediately reducing pain. Over time, with both factors taken care of, you can see your pain in the mentioned areas go away or reduce significantly, not to be counted as chronic.
  2. Better sleep: Issues like back and general body pain take a back seat, making it easy for you to go to sleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Since issues like inflammatory pain, muscle and body pain generally no longer affect you, your mind and body feel at ease to help you sleep comfortably. The support from orthopedic mattresses may even help address snoring or particular posture-related sleep disorders, given you pair them with suitable pillows. Orthopedic mattresses are also an excellent option to enhance your sleep quality because it relieves your body's pain and pressure with plush comfort layers. So, whether you go for an innerspring or foam ortho mattress, you don't need to be worried if the firm mattress would hurt. These mattresses are designed to comfort your body without settling for support, which ordinary mattresses maybe guilt of.
  3. Spinal alignment and posture: Because of the firmness level of ortho mattresses, spinal alignment is one of the main benefits of sleeping in one. Although you may sleep in the side or back position, your spine needs support to keep it taught and upheld throughout. When you go for a softer mattress with less support, different regions of your spine experience additional support, leading to pain in different sections of your back. But in an ortho mattress, you can trust that your spine gets its proper support and alignment to stay in natural shape irrespective of your sleeping posture. That is why ortho mattresses are also an excellent option for people who have scoliosis, herniated discs, posture problems in the spine or neck. Your spine aligns back to its normal position over time when you sleep in the proper posture, both relieving pain and decreasing your posture-related pains during the day.
  4. Longevity: Most foam or comfort-focused mattresses would last less than a decade or five years, depending upon the manufacturer and materials used. However, ortho mattresses use high-density materials throughout and stay in shape for a long time. Because of this, ortho mattresses are also economically viable in the long-term, help with your posture, and alleviate body pain. Because of their construction and material both, you can expect them to be heavier, rigid and robust, and firm to uphold their weight and your body weight through the years.
  5. No sagging or motion transfer: Since ortho mattresses are firm, they don't lose their form quickly. Despite heavier bodyweight, you can rely on an ortho foam mattress to lift your body and offer a supportive sleeping experience. Unlike some softer mattress variants, there is nil or negligible sagging over the years, making it an excellent option for long-term health maintenance and investment. Your mattress stays in shape and helps you stay in shape despite multiple people sleeping in the same bed. Most ortho mattresses use a solid core that resists motion transfer limiting partner disturbance in bed. Ortho mattresses use rebonded, pocket coil, or Bonnell coil spring systems that are excellent at motion isolation. So, sleeping in bed with your partner would be a blissful experience because ortho mattresses prevent their movement from disturbing your sleep and causing pain in aching regions.

Disadvantages of ortho mattresses:

  1. Heavy: Most ortho mattresses use high-density materials throughout to increase their ability to uplift your body without sagging. Be it the comfort layer or any layer in the mattress; most ortho mattresses maintain a firmer surface because of their denser materials. This density increase is responsible for their significant weight and applies especially to innerspring ortho mattresses. Additionally, ortho mattresses may also use a rigid casing in some designs that increase its durability and make it difficult to lift the mattress. So, if you're buying an ortho mattress, it is best to install it in an area with good ventilation and sunlight since lifting it for cleaning and maintenance may be out of the equation. Ortho mattresses, irrespective of foam or innerspring core, are always heavier than other mattresses because of the density factor. This factor also contributes to the higher price factor of ortho mattresses.
  2. Expensive: Ortho mattresses are firmer because of unique construction and higher density of materials throughout. The quilting, fabric and all layers are designs to maximize your comfort and support balance to relieve body pain. This unique construction needs not only a lot of research and development efforts but also costlier materials. Everything in an ortho mattress is unique and crafted to address body pain with special research and materials responsible for their higher costs. However, measuring the cost in terms of the number of years an orthopedic mattress serves you makes one worth it. Some ortho mattresses may even use latex or other expensive materials (expensive because of unique high-density construction).
  3. Not for everyone: While most people opt for orthopedic mattresses in the given climate, they may not suit everyone. Although you should opt for an ortho mattress if you have chronic body pains or want to take care preemptively, it is essential to analyze your body frame. Since ortho mattresses offer a firm or ultra-firm experience, you may not find it an excellent option to sleep, especially if you've been sleeping pain-free in softer mattresses for years. In such a case, you can opt for a medium-firm ortho foam or ortho innerspring mattress for a softer experience. But people with inflammation in their joints and other issues may find an ortho mattress uncomfortable or incompatible for their bodies. Despite these issues, it is always better to choose a mattress that supports your joints and vulnerable parts, and the plushness can be addressed later.

    Such a condition calls for a softer mattress, given you have healthy body weight and BMI. In this scenario, it is best to use our SleepID algorithm to check if you'll enjoy an ortho mattress in the long run. Moreover, an ortho mattress also needs more care and difficult to pick up when some people prefer to lift and clean their mattresses. Some people would need a Dr approved ortho mattress, which indicates that they're highly specialized mattresses to relieve chronic pain or other issues.

Despite their general perception and your preference, ortho bed mattresses are essential to take care of your body in the current pandemic. Governments are placing and lifting lockdowns worldwide as per the number of cases in their countries. The best we can do in these crazy times is to actively and passively take care of our bodies. So, while you work on your fitness levels and lifestyle changes, ortho mattresses and pillow is essential to take care of your body.

Your spine and back need support because of work from home and a sedentary lifestyle now more than ever. You can take care of your body with supportive or ortho mattresses as per SleepID recommendations. Suppose severe pain or chronic pain ails you. In that case, it is best to visit your doctor before making a considerable investment as a Dr. recommended Ortho mattress would be best for your body and condition (if any). While ortho mattresses are primarily designed for people with ailments, you can always go for a medium-firm ortho mattress that suits your comfort preference while supporting your body through thick and thin.


  1. I have a healthy body weight but suffering from lower back pain. Will an ortho mattress help?
    Yes, an ortho mattress would be suitable for your scenario, primarily if you work from home or have been in an office job. Lower back pain in the 20s or 30s is an indicator of less exercise or excessive strain. Your current mattress may not be offering adequate support or could be aging, and now is the time to fix the issue before it goes chronic. Ortho mattresses are excellent at supporting your spine and back in both side and back sleeping positions. The best time to look into lower back pain is before it starts, and if you've been experiencing lower back pain for more than a week or month, an ortho mattress is essential. Additionally, you should also consult an orthopedic doctor to address the issue and get a prescription for the best medium-firm or firm ortho mattress for your body.
  2. What kind of orthopedic mattress is suitable for overweight or obese individuals?
    An innerspring pocket coil or Bonnell coil system ortho mattress is best for overweight or obese individuals. Moreover, some ortho foam mattresses with an extra-firm rebonded core would also help, but it depends on your BMI and age. If you are overweight or obese without any body pains and plan on losing weight, a firm or medium-firm ortho mattress with a pocket coil system would be best. However, for individuals that are morbidly obese or with pains that need excellent support and body alignment, firm innerspring pocket coil mattresses or firm to medium-firm Bonnell coil mattresses are a good option. And if you're suffering from any body-related or chronic pain, especially in the legs, or lower back, it is best to invest in a Dr. approved ortho mattress.
  3. Will an ortho mattress be helpful or good for me even after losing weight or getting rid of body pain?
    Yes, an ortho mattress is long-lasting, and it always helps to have a supportive mattress taking care of your posture and spinal alignment. Irrespective of your body weight or body pains, an ortho mattress is your lifelong partner and protection against future pains. Moreover, given the current climate, it is best to address your posture and pains now before everyday life returns to avoid visiting hospitals now. Ortho mattresses are suitable for all people suffering from body pain (mostly muscle-related or posture-related) and the perfect companion for those painful nights. Alternatively, it would help if you also looked into dual-comfort ortho mattresses that allow you to flip the mattress when you want a different experience. The Orthomatic DX and Orthomatic DY are the two available dual-comfort mattresses that address this concern. Be sure to check our SleepID algorithm and a doctor's prescription to be sure in case of extreme body pain.
  4. Is an ortho mattress warm or cold to sleep in?
    An ortho mattress is firm and doesn't collect heat easily because your body doesn't sink to cause overheating. However, it depends on your ortho mattress's construction if it would lead to overheating or offer a colder sleeping experience. However, most ortho mattresses offer a temperature-neutral or slightly warmer experience in pillow-top or Euro top ortho mattresses.